Hitting the right chord of your audience can be tricky at times. There is no pre-defined formula for it.  Well, here at the Media Lab, we make it our passion to find the perfect approach for every individual brand. We are a young and hungry group of creatives dedicated to delivering clutter-breaking stories so that your brand can stand out from the rest.

Lift Media Lab


A real brand doesn’t merely sell products or services, but it looks to provoke certain aspects of human emotions. Every brand is built by the stories and we are the storytellers you need. 
From creating striking logos to engaging videos on the internet, we do whatever it takes and beyond. 


Digital Marketing

Digital and social media goes way beyond Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We believe that the digital space for marketing one’s brand has been largely left unexplored, we at Lift Media Lab aim to be the ice breakers through various innovations for your brand on the digital front. 
Our services include – Social media retainer, SEO, SEM, full-stack website development, E-mail campaign, SMS campaign and many more. 

Video Production and Photography

Video production and photography makes the face of your brand. So we make sure we are on our top-notch in creating visual content. Affordable, creative and effective are the words that aptly describe our Video Production and Photography department. 
Our services include – Product photography and videography, video advertisements, brand films and AV

Events and Activation

From on ground to your screen, we at Lift Media Lab strive to provide a 360degree solution to your brand. As we tread along the digital space, user experience and personal interaction is equally valuable for a brand in the long run. Hence our Event and Direct Marketing Department are constantly on an endeavour to innovate the brand experience on ground zero. 
Our services include – Any type of brand events, activation, stall, programmes, installations etc.